So much thoughts ran through my mind while watching this film, partially why I did not fall asleep like the person beside me did 😉 It reminded me of the very first semester in college, the very first module on communications, the very first project we did which required analysis of relationship stages. Funny how a human-OS relationship, though unusual, follows the usual sequence of a human-human relationship. Frankly, I found it impossible for a human and an OS to fall in love despite not being able to touch, smell, and most importantly see each other. Eventually, I realized its the emotional connection that causes sparks to fly and keeps a relationship going. The rest of us ought to be learning from Theodore and Samantha. Its neither the expensive gifts, extraordinary vacations, nor intimate physical contact that makes relationships exciting and worth keeping. I’ve been convinced by a human and an OS that emotional engagement counts so much more. The fact that a man would reject a “surrogate girlfriend” sent to his doorstep for a romantic physical experience was prove that emotional attachment trumps any thing else. Sadly, the unusual relationship came to an end just like any usual ones because one party lost the connection (not literally, though it is an OS). My quest in seeking ways to sustain and enhance emotional connections has begun after enjoying this deep film. I am enlightened 🙂



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